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Do you make any vegan items?

Yes. Everything we make is vegan.

What is vegan?

Vegan means that we do not use any animal products. Nothing in our bakery is made with dairy, eggs, meat, gelatin, honey or any other ingredient that comes from an animal.

Do you offer gluten free items?

We stock a limited amount of GF items daily. Keep in mind we are not a fully gluten free bakery and cross contamination may occur.

Most of our items can be special ordered as gluten free with one week notice.

Is it preorder only?

No, but preorders are highly encouraged!

Do you have cakes readily available in the store?

At this time no we do not. All cakes must be ordered at least a week in advance however we always have a variety of cupcakes to choose from!

Do you deliver?

We only offer delivery on multi-tier cakes (wedding cakes or large cakes) and orders over $200 at a rate of $2 per mile round trip + an hourly rate of $30/hr.

Do you have sugar free or keto items?

No we do not. All of our products have the same amount of sugar as anything from a regular bakery. We always use organic cane sugar do not use any alternative sweeteners.

Do you have anything raw or healthy?

No. We specialize in vegan junk food. Everything is made with organic sugar, flour and love.

Are you an allergy friendly bakery?

All of our products contain soy and coconut. We do have some gluten free items but there is always the risk of cross contamination.

Can you make me a custom cake by tomorrow?

No. All orders require a week MINIMUM advance notice. We have cupcakes and other treats already made and available for walk in purchase.

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