Vegan Sweets

Deliveries under 5 miles free, anything beyond that is $0.50 a mile round trip

​​​​Attention: We will NOT be accepting orders for May 19-28th, June 13-18th, July 5th-8th, September 19-24th, October​ 17th-22nd, ​November ​7th-12th.

Seasonal Flavor Schedule:

January 2018- Orange/Vanilla       May 2018- Churro                                        September - November 2018- Pumpkin

February 2018-Red Velvet              June-August 2018- Strawberry Lemonade  December 2018- Cookies and Milk

March - April 2018- Pineapple/Coconut July 2018- Blueberry/Coconut



Some products contain soy, coconut and/or almonds. Please let us know if you have any allergies BEFORE ordering!